Friday, February 12, 2016

Eclectica Studios Update...what's new?

By Tim Dolbear

So its mid February, 2016 and things are moving along well. We have some cool things we are planning to add to the studio this year. Its all still in the works... so stay tuned...

I am also looking for ways to expand operations and possibly bring in a partner with complimenting set of skills. It has to be the right fit. I fully believe that 2 people can make happen 3x what a single person can. So hit me up if you want to talk about this. but remember, this is business.

Coming up next week I go to The Backbird Academy to teach as I do every 3 months, all about working with Samplitude and Sequoia for recording/mixing/ mastering and audio restoration.

While I am there I will get to hang out with Marc Rubel and Joe Palmaccio, which I greatly look forward too. Then friday I go to McAllen Texas to record the Circus Harmonos Vasquez, the world famous Circus.

Every year I do the mix for the Circus' DVD release for the year's performance, you know,,, as you leave the arena after watching the circus, you can purchase it on DVD and take the memories home! Well I am the guy who mixes the audio for the DVD each year. This year I will also be handling the recording for it, specifically the room mics that are so important for this. I plan to post a blog all about it with tons of pics so stay tuned.

That's all for now!

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