Monday, July 31, 2017

Its all the same, right? Let's compare raw tracks recorded from different studios.

By Tim Dolbear

Studios and their engineers really can make the difference.

I had a client a month back ask me "So if I just have my guy track their parts at any studio, it really doesn't matter, right? I don't need to bring him in here to your studio..."  I answered as straight forward as possible, but decided to post a few examples and let our ears do the judging.

Over the last month, I had a client track a cello at another great studio here in Austin (Version B), and at the same time I tracked a cello here at Eclectica Studios (Version A). Of course this example is 2 different players and instruments, but I ask you to simply listen to the over all sound, the depth, room...

The vocal example is slightly more scientific. This example uses the same singer, tracked here at Eclectica Studios (Version A), and then tracked at one of the top studios in Texas the following day (Version B).

In all cases, the best mics were used, no one knew this comparison was going to be done and therefore we all simply did what we do as engineers. Its amazing how different is all sounds.

78meg download, Both 96K 32bit float and 44.1k 16bit versions are included. Sample rate conversion was done using Saracon by Weiss (the best!).

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Recording Solution's new interview with Tim Dolbear, Mixing and mastering engineer.

Hey all,

The Recording Solution just interviewed me for their Youtube show. We talked about all sorts of stuff, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, analog gear and tape, room acoustics and on and on!  Enjoy!

Below is the Youtube video, watch it here or open it on