Friday, May 22, 2015

Record Producer vs Music Producer...Tim...Which is that voodoo, that you do, so well?

By Tim Dolbear -

I spend my life producing music as a traditional Record Producer, the guy who is the equivalent to the "director of the film", but for your music production. It's my job to help with songwriting, pre-production, and in the sessions I make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. If a Cello is needed on the song, I am the guy who arranges with the Union to get either a 1st seat or 2nd seat cello player in for recording. I help with copyright, business advice, distribution, really every aspect. And if you need more cowbell, I am the guy who walks into the live room and says "Guy, I gotta be honest, I could've use a little more cowbell".

I also am one of the 'those' producers who audio engineers too. One of my mentor was Keith Olden, and through him I was encouraged to develop all my gifts and now, I work producing, arranging, engineering and am still vary active as a studio musician.

I know nowadays there is artists out there that make beats for Hip hop, Rap and R&B and refer to themselves as 'producer'. There has never been a definition made until today. 

An artist that make beats, or music for R&B, perhaps even records the vocalist for the track is a "Music Producer". 

A guy who is the director for your project like me, is a 
"Record Producer"

This is of course not a slam on the Music Producers out there, but actually allows them to thrive at their talent. They should also understand that what they do has been traditionally called an "Arranger".

Really some of the greatest talents in music today are the Music Producers, I know as I have gotten to work with many as often a Music Producer needs a Record Producer.

So there you go, the name tag on my lab coat can now clearly state with out confusion: "Record Producer".

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