Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Listen Hear: Some of the industry's best discuss the sonic dissection of music

My newest feature article is available today in Professional Sound Magazine. A really interesting panel discussion on how we listen. How mixing engineers listen as opposed to how a mastering engineer listens to music. Also how artist themselves listen to the art they create. 

An introduction to the members of the virtual roundtable:

Steven Epstein, Classical Producer/Engineer, 17 Grammys

Erik Zobler, Engineer, Producer Studio Zed, Los Angeles CA - George Duke, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston.

Joe Palmaccio, Grammy winning Mastering Engineer - The Place…For Mastering - Nashville, TN USA.

Bob Katz, Mastering Engineer, 3 Grammy-winning albums & several nomination, Digital Domain, Orlando, FL

Andy VanDette, Musician and vinyl cutting Mastering Engineer, based out of Engine Room Audio, NYC

Noah Mintz, Mastering wizard, Lacquer Channel mastering in Toronto

Tony Harnell, Recording artist and producer, Vocalist for TNT, Skid Row.

George Seara, Juno Award winning Mixer/Recording Engineer - Toronto, Canada.

Your host, Tim Dolbear, Producer, audio engineer and session player, Eclectica Studios Austin, Texas.

One edit note, the summery starting at the ending paragraphs with "We have all experienced" is my summery and not Erik still speaking. :-)

Here is a link to the online edition:


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