Friday, April 3, 2015

...the studio with the strangest history...Studio Victor in Montreal.

By Tim Dolbear -

While in Montreal last week, I hung out with Gaetan Pilon, owner and operator of Studio Victor.  He invited me back to his studio for a tour and walk through the strangest history I have ever heard about for a studio.

So the story goes that they rented this top floor of a building in Montreal to build a studio, and in the big room, that was used for manufacturing, they started to tear out the drywall and realized there were beautiful wood sound baffles behind the wall. These beautiful walls had 2x4 studs and drywall just nail to them... As the building of their new studio continued they did a little research about the building and found out this room was the original Victorla factory for the original record players and then became the home of Victor/RCA and this was the studio!

But wait there is more...

Once the original studio was closed the room was sealed up and the Canadian space program moved in and the first Canadian Satellites were built in this room!

Crazy, so read all about it by following this link and tour this beautiful studio with an amazing sounding and looking liveroom... oh yeah they have a SSL6000.

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