Monday, September 8, 2014

Inside Eclectica Studios 09/08/2014

By Tim Dolbear -

So a lot has been going on.  2014 has been a very busy year.  Lets recap a few cool things:

I added links to most of my Mix Magazine reviews  You can find the here:

A new reality show following Music Producer Tim Dolbear as he works with groups and artist in the studio.

Well, we got some good responses from the first web-episode of 6421. But as far as developing it into a reality show… production companies just wanted to script it all out. So we back burnered the project.  We will move this 1 episode into a promo about working with me and the studio.  So not a complete waste.

New Gear Added this year!
The stunning Great River MP-2NV 2 channel preamp has made a home here. Absolutely love it. If you watched the Dave Grohl Documentary on Sound City (where I worked for a while at Kieth Olsen’s Good Night LA Studios) all about the studios’ NEVE console, this preamp nails the sound of that board.  You can push the input into the red and add a wonderful sweet harmonic rich tone to the sound, amazing!  More about it soon.

I also added another 1981 Ashly SC-50 Compressor, Blackface.  It will be permanently married to the MP-2NV. 

I also added the sE5 Stereo pair of mics this year.  Just a great set of room and overhead mics.  I did a review in Mix on them if you want to know more about them…

We started testing Sequoia 13 here months ago and it was released last week. all going good with it and we are digging the new workflows features. 

That's it for now.  More in a few days. 

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